6 Mar 2022

FLARE sees muralists taking it to the streets

From Standing Room Only, 1:30 pm on 6 March 2022

One of the few public artforms that can happen at the moment is street art.

Christchurch in particular is making the most of it, launching an entire festival devoted to it.

FLARE, the organisers tell us, has a vision to reclaim Christchurch's global status as a street art capital, with artists from across Aotearoa creating seven large scale murals in Ōtautahi.

One of the artists is local freelance designer, illustrator, artist and muralist Kophie Su'a-Hulsbosch, also known as Meep.

She also runs a sustainable clothing company called Future Apparel.

Kophie took time out from her mural to talk to Lynn Freeman about how the Festival's going.