20 Feb 2022

The Laugh Track - comedian Ryan McGhee

From Standing Room Only, 2:06 pm on 20 February 2022

One of the best things about the last couple of weeks on the Laugh Track is that the guests - mostly about to star in the upcoming Fringe Festival - have generally picked other Fringe performers. It means we can actually put the Laugh Track up on the web for a change. And it also reminds us that the comedy pool in New Zealand isn't just the usual TV suspects. Today's guest is a new but wildly enthusiastic Kiwi, despite his undeniable Scottish brogue. Will Ryan McGhee need subtitles? Ryan's picks include Jerome Chandrahasan, Ray O'Leary, Eli Matthewson and Nick Rado Ryan's show The Scottish Kiwi opens at Wellington's Cavern Club on February 28.