3 Oct 2021

Photographer Anne Noble has a thing about bees

From Standing Room Only, 12:44 pm on 3 October 2021

Bees have long fascinated one of our foremost art photographers, Anne Noble.

As a beekeeper herself, she spends lots of time observing their behaviour and how they move. She's also studied their history and, particularly, their uncertain future due to climate change and ecosystem collapse.

Now with the help of curator Zara Stanhope, designer Anna Brown and a band of essayists, Anne has gathered together her images and her discoveries in a book called Conversātiō - in the company of bees.

Lynn Freeman talks to  Anne Noble about her favourite insects.

Conversatio - in the company of bees by Anne Noble, Zara Stanhome and Anna Brown is published by Massey University Press.    Anne's exhibition, also called In the company of bees is on at Bartley & Company Art in Wellington.