20 Jun 2021

James and Tui - more than five minutes of fame

From Standing Room Only, 2:50 pm on 20 June 2021

Remember their names....James Kereama Stent  and Tui Tahere-Katene performed together recently on Māori Television's new talent show 5 Minutes of Fame.

Not only did the Kapiti based friends who are just 15, perform as a duet, they also competed individually in the Teen section.

Even before their TV appearances they became a social media hit after singing at an ANZAC Day concert

They are performing at Wellington's Matariki celebrations in July.

Lynn Freeman asks James and Tui how it all began, how five minutes of fame has affected them.

James Kereama Stent and Tui Tahere-Katene

James Kereama Stent and Tui Tahere-Katene Photo: James Kereama Stent and Tui Tahere-Katene

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