13 Jun 2021

Shooting the night sky

From Standing Room Only, 1:46 pm on 13 June 2021

The Wairarapa just north of Wellington has applied to become the country's latest Dark Sky Reserve.  And a new exhibition is encouraging people to look up at the night sky and soak up the darkness.

But as many of us will have realised after trying to photograph the recent blood super moon, it's not easy to capture a crystal-clear, close-up shot.

The Aratoi Museum of Art and History in Masterton has invited several photographers who specialise in night sky images to contribute work to the exhibition.   Within the Hours of Darkness: Astrophotography opens on the 19th of June, to tie in with Matariki.

Lynn Freeman asks photographer Pete Monk to walk us through some of the tricks of photographing the night sky.  She also talks with the show's curator and member of the Wairarapa Dark Sky Association Committee, Becky Bateman.