13 Jun 2021

Philip Sharp - from fantasy props-maker to wildlife photographer

From Standing Room Only, 1:33 pm on 13 June 2021

From set decoration, making props, models and costumes and art direction to cinematography and special effects, Philip Sharpe's film CV makes for impressive reading.

He's worked on major motion pictures like Batman Begins, several James Bonds,  District 9, The Hobbit  and Avatar.

Then there's his previous life as a wildlife cameraman that took him around the world.

The expat Brit has called New Zealand home for more than 10 years.   In between working on film projects and passing on his prop-making skills to the next generation, he's got a plan to set up a wildlife reserve on Vanuatu.

Lynn Freeman asked Philip Sharpe why he moved into making props for blockbuster movies, away from the wildlife cinematography he loved so much.