9 May 2021

Panel: Fake News - is it a new thing?

From Standing Room Only, 2:06 pm on 9 May 2021
Patrick Gower and Anna Fifield

Patrick Gower and Anna Fifield Photo: supplied

This is a panel discussion recorded in Wanaka, at the 2021 Festival of Colour's "Aspiring Conversations" series.

Lynn Freeman chairs the session exploring Fake News.  She's joined by two experienced and high-profile New Zealand journalists with, understandably, strong views on the subject:  Newshub's Paddy Gower and from the Dominion Post, editor Anna Fifield. 

Later they're joined by expat commentator Dr Mel Bunce who wrote The Broken Estate: Journalism and Democracy in a Post-Truth World..

The expression "Fake News" became a favourite of former American President Donald Trump.   But of course the idea of people in power discrediting journalism has been around for much, much longer.

The panel discussion took place at the Crystal Palace in Wanaka last month.