18 Apr 2021

Alys Longley links up with artists around the world

From Standing Room Only, 2:25 pm on 18 April 2021

Dr Alys Longley from the University of Auckland has become an expert in collaborating with artists around the world in these pandemic disrupted times.

The Associate Professor of Dance Studies in the Faculty of Creative Arts and Industries, has been managing three projects that involved artists around the planet.

And they don't all hinge on Zooming.   One relies on the good old postal service, where artists send each other envelopes with blank paper inside on which to create.  Another involves a digital map for each artist to add to. 

The finished work will be shown in exhibitions in Melbourne and Santiago.  Then it will be released as a virtual gallery and performance space, created in collaboration with NZ designers Kate Stevenson and Chris White of Dot Dot Studios.   This will allow audiences to interact with the artwork from anywhere in the world.

Alys is talking about her project at the University of Auckland's upcoming Raising the Bar event, to be held in pubs and bars throughout the city on Tuesday, April 20.  She talks to Lynn Freeman about the three very different projects.