18 Apr 2021

The life of Rita Angus revisited

From Standing Room Only, 12:15 pm on 18 April 2021

It's ironic - you spend years researching a book, it wins acclaim and awards when it's published,  and then it generates new information that you wish you'd been able to include in it.

But the good news for Jill Trevelyan and her magnum opus on respected painter Rita Angus, is that there's now a revised edition.

Jill Trevelyan won the Non Fiction Award at the Montana New Zealand Book Awards in 2009 for her biography of one of New Zealand's leading 20th century artists.

A lot's happened since then - the discovery of some Angus sketches and a major exhibition of the artist's work in London, cruelly cancelled because of Covid 19.

The revised edition of Rita Angus An Artist's Life is out ahead of an exhibition of her work later in the year at Te Papa in Wellington.

Lynn Freeman asksd Jill why she was so keen to revisit the biography:

Rita Angus, An artist's life by Jill Trevelyan is published by Te Papa Press.