7 Mar 2021

Animalismo Teatro - from Uruguay with love

From Standing Room Only, 2:27 pm on 7 March 2021

Ending up in New Zealand when the lockdown hit, two members of a Uruguayan theatre company described their situation as "luckily stranded"!

Now they're preparing to show Kiwis their physical theatre work called Habbuk.  It's about a world in chaos, where two people find sanctuary in a fantasy world they create.

Both actors from Animalismo Teatro came here to perform the show a year ago.  Their producer Nati Pereira had already moved to Auckland.

Thanks to Covid, Habbuk had been mothballed...til now.

Lynn Freeman talks to actor Sofía Rivero, producer Nati Pereira, and to the company's New Zealand collaborator Sophie Lindsay.

Habbuk premieres at Bats in Wellington on March 12, then heads to Auckland's Q Theatre - Covid willing - later in the month.