14 Feb 2021

Artist Mark Schroder takes on modern corporate culture

From Standing Room Only, 2:45 pm on 14 February 2021

Corporate lawyer by day, subversive artist when he's not in his suit...  Auckland artist Mark Schroder is casting a caustic eye over the corporate landscape in his new installation, Fortune Teller.

It's part of a Gus Fisher Gallery exhibition called 'part of the happiness is only real when shared' Mark's taken over the ornate Art Deco Dome Gallery, that used to be used as a reception area when the building was home to television studios.

He's created the Bureau of Happiness within the space, and is screening the kinds of so-called "inspirational videos" that so many corporates make their staff watch.

Lynn Freeman starts by asking Mark Shroder about his day job.

Fortune Teller has just opened at Auckland's Gus Fisher Gallery.