14 Feb 2021

The first fruits of the Basement Theatre Co-Pro initiative

From Standing Room Only, 2:25 pm on 14 February 2021

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A hand-up for 12 live shows that otherwise would almost certainly have been abandoned because of the financial risk is what Auckland's Basement Theatre is can now offer through its new Co-Pro initiative.

Money from Creative New Zealand's Adaptation fund - adaptation for life post-Covid - and the Basement's willingness to change the way it charges theatre groups to use the venue, have made it possible.

The first of the Co-Pro programme shows is about to be performed in both Wellington and Auckland - and it's a case of third time lucky for the creators of Standard Acts after Auckland's two lockdowns got in the way.

Lynn Freeman talked with award-winning creatives Karin McCracken and Meg Rollandi, who are looking forward to finally getting Standard Acts on stage.  But first she spoke to Nisha Madhan from the Basement about Co-Pro..

Standard Acts opens at Bats Theatre in Wellington this Thursday before its season at Auckland's Basement Theatre next month.