31 Jan 2021

At The Movies: The Kiwi telling Australian stories

From Standing Room Only, 1:10 pm on 31 January 2021

Kiwi, Greer Simpkin, is a leading light in Australia's screen industry, producing acclaimed work for the big and small screens. Greer's held senior roles at the ABC in Australia including Deputy Head of Fiction, but since 2015 she's been Head of Television with Bunya Productions, the company behind a raft of screen productions, often lead by Aboriginal cast and crew. Bunya Production's latest project is the feature film High Ground. Set in Arnhem land in Northern Australia in the first half of last century. It's the story of a young missionary raised Aboriginal man Gutjuk, who in a bid to save the last of his family teams up with an ex-soldier to track down Baywara. He's a warrior in hiding wanted by the colonial authorities and is also Gutjuk's uncle.