22 Nov 2020

Fiona Sussman - Addressed to Greta

From Standing Room Only, 2:26 pm on 22 November 2020

It feels a bit odd in our current isolated state to be thinking about journeys around the world as a form of self discovery. But they always have been, and hopefully will be again. One such journey is the subject of New Zealand novellist Fiona Sussman's new book Addressed to Greta. Greta Jellings is a woman in her 30s living a fairly small life. That is until she is left a staggering amount of money that blows her world wide open. 

Fiona has written a series of short stories and novels including her debut novel Shifting Colours  and The Last Time We Spoke which won the Ngaio Marsh crime writing award. She's also a former GP and still working in the provision of charitible surgical services.

Her story  'A Breath, A Bunk, A Land, A Sky' was shortlisted this year for the Commonwealth Short Story Prize. But it's to Greta her attention is now turned. She spoke to Robert Kelly about the journey she went on with her protagonist. Adressed to Greta is  published by Bateman Books. 

Fiona Sussman.

Fiona Sussman. Photo: Supplied