25 Oct 2020

The Witching Hours brings the radio play to the stage

From Standing Room Only, 1:30 pm on 25 October 2020

Foley - creating sound effects for stage and screen - is one of the skills under threat from the digital age, where you can find most sounds you want with a quick search online. But there are people who still do things the old fashioned way, and live foley is a big feature of an upcoming stage show called The Witching Hours. 

It's something of a Halloween tradition in the Capital but the live shows aren't restricted to the Bats Theatre audiences.thanks to streaming and platforms and all that jazz. Each night is brand-new with two never-before-heard spooky, side-splitting tales with a very special 90 minute Halloween Spooktacular on Saturday 31 October.

Lynn speaks to writer Uther Dean and to the producer Eleanor Strathern.

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Photo: The Witching Hours