25 Oct 2020

Graham Bennett: Around Every Circle

From Standing Room Only, 12:33 pm on 25 October 2020

A sculpture made out of steel girders salvaged from the wrecked World Trade Center and the series of imperceptively moving structures that stand outside the Christchurch Art Gallery, are two of Graham Bennett's best known public artworks.

He's long been concerned about environmental degradation and has often created works highlighting this over the last five decades - and you can expect more from him in the future. A new book Around Every Circle records his body of work so far, along with essays by writers including his long time friend John Freeman-Moir.

Graham Bennett uses a multitude of materials in his sculptures, he's worked with engineers to create many moving pieces and more recently is exploring 3D scanning. Some works so new they didn't make it into the book are about to go on show at the Christchurch Art Gallery in an exhibition called Seeking a Balance.