20 Sep 2020

Dame Jacqueline Wilson - Five Kids and It

From Standing Room Only, 12:30 pm on 20 September 2020

A movie based on a recent book that's based on another book from 1902 - that's the backstory of the new film Four Kids and It.

E. Nesbit's original novel Five Children and It is the story of an Edwardian family that comes across an ancient magical creature called Psammead with the ability to grant wishes that last for a day.

British writer Dame Jacqueline Wilson was inspired to write Four  Kids and It 110 years later, in 2012.   She gave the story a contemporary spin, with children from a newly blended family coming across Psammead and wishing to time travel.

Now Four kids and It is a movie, with the magical creature voiced by Sir Michael Caine, while comedian Russell Brand plays the arch villain. 

Lynn Freeman spoke to Dame Jacqueline, locked down in the UK, and asked if E. Nesbit's books like The Railway Children and Five Children and It were childhood favourites:

The movie Four Kids and It opens around the country on 24 September.