13 Sep 2020

Photographer Mickey Smith remembers "bound periodicals"

From Standing Room Only, 2:47 pm on 13 September 2020

For more than 15 years, photographer Mickey Smith has prowled through libraries around the world  in search of bound periodicals - like popular contemporary magazines - to snap the book spines.

The result is striking in its own right.  But it's also about documenting something that's on its way out, with the advent of digitisation.

These photographs have been exhibited overseas, but this is the first time Mickey is showing them in New Zealand.

The exhibition's called Matters of Time.  And it's not just a selection of the hundreds of photographs Mickey Smith has taken over the years.   There are also examples of her unique jewellery, which includes pills and Daily Reminder cases cast in sterling silver, commenting on the pervasive presence of pharmaceuticals in everyday life

Lynn Freeman talks with Mickey Smith, first asking her about the kind of books she's documenting:

Matters of Time an exhibition by Mickey Smith has just opened at the Sanderson Gallery in Auckland.