13 Sep 2020

Airini Beautrais uses insects as a metaphor in her short stories

From Standing Room Only, 2:40 pm on 13 September 2020
Airini Beautrais

Airini Beautrais Photo: Tracy Grant

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Photo: supplied by publisher

Whanganui-based poet Airini Beautrais has channelled her ability to say a lot in a few words into her first collection of short stories called Bug Week.

Airini's four poetry collections include Flow that was shortlisted for the Ockham NZ Book Award for Poetry.

Bug Week has stories that roam from New Zealand to Europe, from the weird and grotesque to the sharply comical and pointedly feminist.

A seabird rocks up to perform at an open mic night in Southland, while in a German housing block there is a pervasive smell seeping through the walls.  Lynn Freeman talks with Airini about the wide range of stories in Bug Week.

Bug Week by Airini Beautrais is published by Victoria University Press.