13 Sep 2020

Arts galleries in Auckland and Christchurch join forces

From Standing Room Only, 12:48 pm on 13 September 2020

Facing precarious times thanks to Covid-19, contemporary art galleries in Christchurch and Auckland have joined forces to work together on exhibitions they can share.

Objectspace and the Centre of Contemporary Art - better known as CoCA - have agreed to share their resources, knowledge and expertise.   This looks like a win for them as well as for artists, curators and visitors.

CoCA is the oldest arts organisation in Canterbury - a public gallery that's celebrating its 140th birthday this year.

Auckland-based Objectspace concentrates on the fields of design, craft and architecture.

This is the start of an 18-month partnership.  And in the first few months they'll be working on exhibitions that will swap between the two galleries over the course of a year. 

Lynn Freeman speaks with Kim Paton from Objectspace and Anna Ryan from CoCA.   Kim explains that the pandemic and its impact on public art galleries accelerated talks about collaboration.