6 Sep 2020

The dark world of poet Jess Fiebig

From Standing Room Only, 1:45 pm on 6 September 2020
Jess Fiebig

Jess Fiebig Photo: supplied by publisher

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Photo: supplied by publisher

A poet who's been to hell and back has written candidly about her experiences in her debut collection, My Honest Poem.

Christchurch-based writer, educator and performer, Jess Fiebig reflects on family and domestic violence, as well as issues of abandonment, anxiety, sex, love and dislocation.

The collection is often graphic and heartbreaking - we advise listeners that some of the details might be upsetting or triggering for some of you.  But Jess Fiebig tells Lynn Freeman it's also a survivor's story. 

My Honest Poem by Jess Fiebig is published by Auckland University Press.

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