30 Aug 2020

Rejected scripts get a second chance on stage

From Standing Room Only, 2:29 pm on 30 August 2020
Anastasia Matteini-Roberts

Anastasia Matteini-Roberts Photo: supplied

Emma Maguire

Emma Maguire Photo: supplied


Rejection is never easy to take - but sadly, it's the rule not the exception in so many aspects of the arts.  There are simply too many applicants for too few jobs.  And this is particularly true for thwarted playwrights who just can't find a home for their lovingly-written scripts.

So now Wellington theatre company Tempest is taking rejected scripts and breathing life into them, if not full productions, then at least play-readings.

To get the ball rolling, the first one is by Tempest's own Emma Maguire - Fairleigh Goode and the Secret of the Voiceless Man 

After this, Tempest plans to invite other playwrights to send in their rejected scripts.

Lynn Freeman talks to Emma and to Anastasia Matteini-Roberts who's about to work with playwrights, honing their work ahead of the public readings.

The first show in Rejected - Fairleigh Goode and the Secret of the Voiceless Man - is on tomorrow night at the Circus Bar in Wellington.