12 Jul 2020

David Coventry's new novel Dance Prone

From Standing Room Only, 2:37 pm on 12 July 2020

Wellington writer David Coventry's second novel was inspired by the Eighties post-punk hardcore movement - bands like Husker Du, Dead Kennedies and Black Flag.   

David's award-winning first book The Invisible Mile took us on an exhausing bike race.

This time in Dance Prone he puts us up on stage with a band that tears itself apart as it tours America.

Two decades later two of the band members, Con and Tone, meet up, and reminisce.  

Dance Prone looks at the harsh realities of life on the road, at lives unfulfilled and, inevitably, the unreliability of memory.

David reads from his book and talks to Lynn Freeman about the allure of Eighties hardcore.

Dance Prone by David Coventry is published by Victoria University Press.