12 Jul 2020

Creatives in Schools get welcome support, but is it enough?

From Standing Room Only, 12:36 pm on 12 July 2020

The Government's 4 million dollar boost for the Creatives in Schools programme has been welcomed by artists and schools.  

The extra money is part of the Government's Covid-19 arts recovery package.  And the aim is to provide work opportunities for an additional 200 artists, by expanding the programme from the current 304 projects to 510 projects, to last until to 2023.

The Ministry of Education has invited professional artists to submit ideas for projects that they'd undertake at a school or kura, for anywhere between eight to 20 weeks.

But it's not a long-lasting solution to shortcomings in the arts curriculum and in arts-related teacher training.   Failures in arts education have long been a thorn in the side of teachers, who argue they are under-resourced. 

Lynn discusses this with artist Gabby O'Connor, who's been involved in school arts projects for around 20 years, and Perry Rush, President of the New Zealand Principals' Federation.