17 Nov 2019

Crafting Aotearoa

From Standing Room Only, 2:26 pm on 17 November 2019

After decades in the wilderness, replaced by the worship of cheap mass produced objects, artisan skills are very much back in vogue.

That makes it a great time to reflect on the importance of handmade objects in our history - and future.

Karl Chitham, Kolokesa U Māhina-Tuai and Damian Skinner have published a book called Crafting Aotearoa, and as you'd expect given the topic, it's big and full of pictures.

While comprehensive, they know there'll be criticism for what's been excluded, and even some contemporary inclusions that stretch the traditional definition of craft.

They include film and a modern umbrella through to some of the earliest known examples of objects from around the Pacific.  

Lynn Freeman talked with Karl and Kolokesa, first asking how the book defined "craft" in 2019:

Crafting Aotearoa is a Te Papa Press publication.