17 Nov 2019

For love of the "Desi Western"

From Standing Room Only, 12:36 pm on 17 November 2019

In the Seventies, when the Italians were making their versions of American Westerns - like The Good the Bad and the Ugly and A Fistful of Dollars - India was doing a similar thing.  

The Bollywood versions were called "desi westerns", and Auckland's about to stage Ahi Karunaharan's love-letter to the controlled chaos that was film-making in Seventies India!   It's called My heart goes Thadak Thadak.

The play is the passion project of Ahi Karunaharan who's spent the past decade producing South Asian-focussed theatre in Auckland.   His composer is longtime spaghetti western fan Leon Radojkovic.

Lynn Freeman asked Ahi and Leon about the story which takes place on a film set, with the audience playing extras who've gathered for the shoot.

My heart goes Thadak Thadak premieres at Auckland's Q Theatre on Thursday.