10 Nov 2019

Standing Room Only Sunday 10 November

From Standing Room Only, 12:00 pm on 10 November 2019
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Photo: Chevron Hassett, self portrait.

This week's arts and culture show on RNZ : this week 12.30pm to 4pm on Standing Room Only, our musical theme is all things choral as next year will see thousands of choral music performers and producers from around the world land in Auckland for the 12th World Symposium of Choral Music. We're joined by the Artistic Director of the Symposium John Rosser. Playwright Kieran Craft has set a nuanced love story in an Irish pub, in At The Movies Simon Morris looks at the latest examples of a very strong year for New Zealand films and bright future becon for ex Footnote dancers Joshua Faleatua and Tyler Carney. Four students at St Oran's College in Lower Hutt have devised a short play about prostitution law reform, James Mustapic is on The Laugh Track and  Chevron Hassett is a young Māori artist taking the camera into his own hands to talk about the experiences of young urban Māori. Drongo is the rather apt title of the second novel of writer and biographer, Ian Richards and Trent Hiles is digging narrow trenches for eight hours a day on Banks Peninsula, then burying three lovingly carved wooden sculptures, wrapped in traditional baskets,and leaving them there.