13 Oct 2019

Sxip Shirey and his bizarre orchestra

From Standing Room Only, 2:50 pm on 13 October 2019

Found objects, traditional instruments, computer generated material - they're all part of an orchestra of sounds New York  composer Sxip Shirey taps into for his creations.

Sxip's just arrived in New Zealand with his touring circus cabaret production called Limbo, which he's taking to the Hawkes Bay and Tauranga Arts Festivals.

His CV is a fascinating read.  As well as live shows, he's written for film, has several albums to his name, is a past United States Artist Fellow and led the band at Madonna's birthday party once.  Lynn Freeman gets a chance to talk with him.

Limbo is on at Harcourt Hawke's Bay Arts Festival from the 15th of October then heads to the Tauranga Festival from the 25th.