13 Oct 2019

Lathe-cut records - still a thing!

From Standing Room Only, 1:45 pm on 13 October 2019

Lathe-cut records - handmade polycarbonate discs - have been a fixture of independent record labels for years, and they're still being produced.

But as ever, in short runs - including one of the best-known, "Grey Cortina" by Bungalow, produced by one of the most prolific lathe-cutters, Peter King. 

The record covers are also hand made, and it was the cover art that got Luke Wood, senior lecturer in Graphic Design at the University of Canterbury's Ilam School of Fine Art, totally hooked.

Hooked enough to scour the country to get examples of lathe cut albums for an exhibition that's about to open in Auckland before heading to Wellington.

It's called A Short-Run: A Selection of New Zealand Lathe-Cut Records, and it debuts on Saturday at Auckland's Objectspace. 

Lynn Freeman speaks with Luke Wood, and with James Meharry, musician, DJ - and one of the handful of people still producing limited edition, lathe-cut records in New Zealand.