8 Sep 2019

Women and art crimes

From Standing Room Only, 12:45 pm on 8 September 2019

Art crimes are headline-grabbing news but how often do you hear about the exploits of women art thieves, vandals or forgers? Is the reason for the answer "never" or "hardly ever" because they're just so good they get away with their crimes? That dismissive suggestion by a male art writer so incensed Penelope Jackson that she went in search of women art criminals. Art crime is familiar territory for Penelope who's written about New Zealand art crimes previously. Her latest book's called Females in the Frame. She tells Lynn Freeman why she thinks it's taken so long for their stories to be told. Penelope Jackson who'll be speaking about her new book Females in the Frame at the upcoming ArtCrime 2019 symposium in Wellington in October.