11 Aug 2019

Kakahu - Maori cloaks

From Standing Room Only, 2:49 pm on 11 August 2019

Among the most beautiful and distinctive aspects of New Zealand culture are kākahu, Māori cloaks. They're created not only to adorn people, but to provide shelter and warmth, and to acknowledge their wearer's status.

This coming Friday, respected weavers from around the country will gather at Te Papa for a pohiri, to hui, provide public discussions, and wear the cloaks they've gifted to Aotearoa. Kākahu have been celebrated with the updating and republishing by Te Papa Press of a magnificent book on the subject

It's called Whatu Kakahu, and its editor Awhina Tamarapa tells us about it.

The activity at Te Papa in Te Marae (Rongomaraeroa) open to the public on Friday 16 August:

1.30pm – 2.30pm:  Panel discussion with Awhina Tamarapa and several weavers. Open to the public.

2.30pm – 4.00pm:  Weaving demonstrations by four groups of weavers. Open to the public. 

There will be a special display of contemporary cloaks from the Te Papa collection for the day on Te Marae. We understand that more than 100 weavers, many of them prominent, will attend the day’s celebrations.