30 Jun 2019

Mining Darkness at MONA with Simon Denny

From Standing Room Only, 2:35 pm on 30 June 2019

The Museum of Old and New or MONA for short in Hobart Tasmania is the largest privately funded museum in the Southern hemisphere, and some would say both its greatest and strangest.

It's also hosting until April 2020 the biggest ever exhibition by New Zealand artist Simon Denny. It's entitled Mine and - suitably for a museum you descend down many stairs underground to - its about  mining, and the very current issue that has concerned Simon before of data mining. 

Auckland art commentator and co-director of the Chartwell Trust Sue Gardiner is just back from MONA and caught up with Mark Amery. She was also there for the extraordinary Dark Mofo winter festival, and fills Mark in on why it wouldn't happen here.