30 Jun 2019

Dance Like Chocolate

From Standing Room Only, 2:25 pm on 30 June 2019

Bread, wine, milk and now chocolate. The Java Dance company made its name here and overseas dancing in the back of buses, followed by a menu of food themed dance works.

As always the team have done a lot of research into their chosen artisan food... including working with chocolatiers, learning how to temper chocolate and to wrap chocolate boxes.

Lynn Freeman went along to rehearsals to meet Java's founder choreographer Sasha Copland - who is the current Creative NZ 2019-21 Choreographic Fellow - and musician Charlie Devonport.

First Lynn got a taste of what's in store for Chocolate audiences... and it involved dancers pouring liquid chocolate into each other's mouths using very long spoons. And yes, it got messy.

Chocolate opens on the 9th of July at Te Auaha in Wellington.