2 Jun 2019

Poet Chloe Honum captures the things unsaid

From Standing Room Only, 2:28 pm on 2 June 2019
Chloe Honum

Chloe Honum Photo: supplied

Like music, poetry can be a conduit between our feelings and the world. It's an active in-between space, a space within which to let words dance between our internal world and the world outside.

Poetry enables the difficult vulnerable things to resonate, those most often left unsaid. And that's one way of describing the power and grace of the poetry of Chloe Honum  

Chloe grew up on Auckland's North Shore, but she now lives and works in Texas.  Her work has featured in numerous American poetry collections which have words like 'best' 'emerging' and 'new' on their cover.

This year she's a Grimshaw Sargeson Writer Fellow in Auckland - which is one of our most distinguished writer residencies.    Mark Amery talks to Chloe Honum about some of the poems in her exquisite first book The Tulip Flame. The collection is available on Chloe's website.