10 Mar 2019

Jay Hutchinson's embroidered trash

From Standing Room Only, 3:50 pm on 10 March 2019

Dunedin-based embroidery and textile artist Jay Hutchinson has been turning the discarded wrappers he finds on his walk to work into lovingly crafted artworks.

He photographed them, then spent hours on each embroidered copy for an exhibition he's called On the Way to Work.

This Friday Jay's also in action in a simulated sweatshop working for 24 hours straight making t-shirts, coinciding with the start of Dunedin's Fashion event ID.

Lynn Freeman talks with Jay Hutchinson about what he calls "embroidered trash".

On the Way to Work's on show now at Olga Gallery in Dunedin,  and this Friday  at 5pm,  Jay Hutchinson will start work at the t-shirts at Company Store on George Street.  Donations for the work go to Women's Refuge.