9 Dec 2018

Up on the 13th floor - Marty Duda

From Standing Room Only, 12:45 pm on 9 December 2018
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Photo: Veronica McLaughlin

Marty started 13th Floor in 2011 and changed it (with Reuben Raj, pictured with Marty) to Radio 13 in the middle of this year. Radio 13 is a music site with 24/7 streaming radio station that has a team of  15 writers, 10 photographers and 10 radio DJs (all contributors on a voluntary basis). It's fully self funded with licenses to broadcast music and share podcasts - focused on music both NZ and international. And it's also a platform to showcase music photography by NZ based photographers and videoed live performance sessions, like this one this year from Hopetoun Brown. Yet is doesn't exactly pay, says Marty.

Over seven years The 13th Floor built up an impressive archive of written, photographic and video content and this remains online. That included an arts and theatre section - Radio 13 meanwhile focuses purely on music.