25 Nov 2018

Adventurous music - Stroma with Michael Norris.

From Standing Room Only, 2:52 pm on 25 November 2018

Why settle just for popular music? It’s a brave and bold musical landscape out there when it comes to contemporary classical music, employing all manner of objects and instruments to produce sounds.

New Zealand’s leading ‘new music’ ensemble, Stroma are celebrating 18 years and artistic director Michael Norris joins us to discuss its range.

Its ahead of an intimate evening at Wellington’s Pyramid Club presenting an eclectic and immersive range of sonic experiences. Included are works by Alvin Lucier (USA), James Tenney (USA), John Cage (USA), Chiyoko Szlavnics (CAN), Peter Ablinger (GER) and current Victoria University composer in residence Antonia Barnett-McIntosh. Antonia lends her voice to the evening and Michael Norris his glass tubes.