28 Oct 2018

Talented painters Mitchell and Mitchell

From Standing Room Only, 2:49 pm on 28 October 2018

The work of two of New Zealand's forgotten artistic heroes - father and son Leonard C. and Leonard V. Mitchell - are remembered in a new book and art exhibition. Leonard Senior created some of our most memorable stamp designs and poster images, earning him the title of "the father of New Zealand graphic design". His son was a talented portrait artist and also painted one of New Zealand's most ambitious murals, which still graces Lower Hutt's War Memorial Library. Their story of different styles and fates is told in Mitchell and Mitchell, written by historian Richard Wolfe and vintage advertising expert - and Mitchell fan - Peter Alsop. The book's designed by a descendent. Art gallery owner Anna Reed's father Frank Mitchell - son of Leonard C Mitchell and brother of Leonard V - is the keeper of hundreds of his father's artworks. Lynn Freeman talks to Anna Reed and Peter Alsop, first asking Anna what she heard about her famous forebears growing up. Mitchell & Mitchell is published by Potton and Burton and the exhibition Leonard's Fifties opens at Mitchell Studios in