9 Sep 2018

SeniorsDANCE shatter more than one Glass ceilings

From Standing Room Only, 1:32 pm on 9 September 2018

Women who were active in the 1970's feminist movement - now in their 70s and 80s - are about to take to the stage in a dance piece exploring the suffrage movement. Glass Ceilings is the latest work by SeniorsDANCE, choreographed by the group's founder Susan Jordan. Susan, 70, recently visited the UK and North America, to learn more about the concept of 'Creative Ageing', where older people are encouraged to learn to dance, sing, paint, even play a new instrument. Creative Ageing festivals are held overseas and Susan Jordan hopes they will start up over here. Back in 1993, Susan choreographed a work called Bone of Contention which referenced the passing of the Women's Suffrage Bill. Now, Glass Ceilings explores the difficulties facing women who try to climb the corporate ladder. Lynn Freeman talks with Susan Jordan, and to Briar Wilson, one of the dancers. Glass Ceilings will be performed as part of the Short + Sweet Dance Festival starting on September 14th, this Friday, then heads to TAPAC for the Northern Dance Networks ASPIRE Seniors Show later this month.