19 Aug 2018

Chinese art-jeweller Bifei Cao and his unusual formula

From Standing Room Only, 2:25 pm on 19 August 2018

Visiting Chinese art-jeweller Bifei Cao started using baby formula in his unconventional pieces after hearing the news about the contaminated milk powder scandals. What he didn't realise until coming here and showing his work, was New Zealand's involvement in that event. From a distance, the baby formula works look like terracotta studded with gold or silver. Touch them and they're feel like plastic - he's created them combining baby powder and various glues. But Bifei tells Lynn Freeman his work isn't overtly political. His interest is in using unconvential materials and referencing traditional Chinese art and jewellery-making techniques. Bifei Cao's the Artist in Residence at Te Auaha in Wellington and is about to open an exhibition of his work, and his exhibition opens tomorrow at Te Auaha.