12 Aug 2018

Monique Lapins and the NZ String Quartet

From Standing Room Only, 1:48 pm on 12 August 2018
Monique Lapins

Monique Lapins Photo: supplied

It's a big call, replacing a member of a long-established New Zealand String Quartet - big for both the ensemble and for the newbie.

Monique Lapins took over as second violin for the New Zealand String Quartet two years ago and since then has toured the UK, US, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Monique tells Lynn Freeman she first heard and admired the New Zealand String Quartet in Australia more than a decade ago, and two years after joining the ensemble she feels very much at home.

Now the Quartet - with Monique - is about to embark on a nationwide tour, starting on August the 17th in Featherston.