1 Jul 2018

Upu Mai Whetu - a tribute to Maori and Pacific poets

From Standing Room Only, 12:30 pm on 1 July 2018

For a culture to progress - or even exist - it needs the chance to tell its stories. And Maori and Pacific performers have experienced a massive growth in the popularity of spoken word poetry - in events like Poetry Slams, amongst groups like the South Auckland Poets Collective and of course in the wave of words from hip hop culture.

Tapping into that is an upcoming live show at Auckland's Basement Theatre. Upu Mai Whetu is being organised by poet, director and youth worker Grace Taylor - and what makes it distinct is it taps into the words - the Upu - of some of the big names of Maori and Pacific literature, using some famous current stars, including Mia Blake, Rawiri Paratene and Nicola Kawana.

Upu Mai Whetu - a tribute to some great Maori and Pacific poets - opens at Auckland's Basement Theatre on the 10th of July.