3 Jun 2018

Targeting people - German photojournalist Herlinde Koelbl

From Standing Room Only, 1:50 pm on 3 June 2018

Since the 1980s German photojournalist Herlinde Koelbl has got people talking about difficult issues. From the plight of refugees to the aging body, and how politics change a person's physique. She's also renowned for her portraits including 26 years of photographing the notoriously private German Chancellor Angela Merkel - from her early years as a shy young politician to now. Merkel is part of a series, 'Traces of Power'. Koelbl is regarded as a pioneer of photojournalism - often doing in depth interviews of her subjects. She's in Auckland as a guest of the city's Festival of Photography, showing recent work of soldiers in different countries - images of how the enemy is portrayed to soldiers during military target practice.