8 Apr 2018

It's time to meet the Muppets

From Standing Room Only, 12:30 pm on 8 April 2018

On the eve of the three week long Jim Henson Retrospectacle Lynn Freeman talks to two people very closely associated with The Muppets and their original creators. Bonnie Erickson was a member of the original design team for The Muppet Show. Bonnie first joined Jim Henson's team as a costume designer for 1971's The Frog Prince, became head of the workshop and continued to work with the Muppets team for many years both in London and the United States. She's credited as the designer and builder of Miss Piggy. Craig Shemin is President of the Jim Henson Legacy. He began his career with a 14-year stint as a staff writer for the Jim Henson Company. Craig produced the documentary that accompanied the Smithsonian Institution touring museum exhibition, Jim Henson's Fantastic World, and he's guest curator for the ongoing World of Jim Henson screening series at The Museum of the Moving Image.