18 Feb 2018

From a stately home to Auckland's Splore Festival

From Standing Room Only, 2:25 pm on 18 February 2018
Splore 2010

Splore 2010 Photo: RNZ/Supplied?

A genuine English aristocrat who literally ran away to join the circus, these days has her feet firmly on the ground running arts festivals in New Zealand. Lady Emma Vickers is the Performance Director at the Splore Festival  - the annual, boutique music and arts festival held at Auckland's Takapuna Regional Park since 1998.

Emma started training as an aerialist performer at 19, and now lives in Wanaka with her young family, 

It's a long way from her ancestral home, Wilton House in Wiltshire, where her father Henry Herbert 17th Earl of Pembroke was a film director and producer.

Continuing our series of interviews with people working behind the scenes in the arts and entertainment scenes, Lynn Freeman talked with Emma Vickers - first about her unconventional childhood:

And Splore starts this Thursday at Takapuna Regional Park.

Lady Emma Vickers

Lady Emma Vickers Photo: supplied