A first-hand account of the sharp end of World War One

From Standing Room Only, 12:34 pm on 5 November 2017

A chance conversation reunited two cousins who've gone on to write a book about their mutual great-uncle Jack Pryce and to potentially solve the biggest mystery... where he's buried. At 22 Jack sailed to war like so many others with a sense of adventure as well as duty. He survived the carnage of Gallipoli and the Western Front, and wrote about his experiences to his family back home in New Zealand. But he was killed before the war ended. His family held onto the letters - more than a hundred of them written in the trenches, in camps and troopships - which eventually passed on to his great niece, Wellington writer Trish McCormack. Trish discovered her cousin Andrew Gibson had also, unknown to her, been researching Jack Pryce. Jack's story is told in the book Trish and Andrew have written together - Jack's Journey - A Soldier's Experience of the First World War, published by Glacier Press. They tell Lynn Freeman the story behind the story.