2 Jul 2017

After the earthquakes, Lyttelton Redux

From Standing Room Only, 12:16 pm on 2 July 2017

Lyttelton was hit harder than most by the Christchurch earthquakes - particularly the Lyttelton Museum.  But now it's back - triumphantly, we may say! - with a little help from its friends, past and present. Key historical figures in Lyttelton's history are brought back to life in a new exhibition by Julia Holden - Lyttelton Redux - which has just opened at Canterbury Museum.

First Julia went to Lyttelton Museum to identify the people who mattered - from early settlers to artists, activists, and adventurers like James McKenzie and Ernest Shackleton. Then she tracked down present-day locals who are connected to them, in some way. The photographs and paintings were initially shown around Lyttleton over the summer, but Lyttelton Redux at Canterbury Museum is where they've first been brought together.

Julia tells Lynn Freeman she also wanted to help raise the profile of Lyttleton Museum's collection.