4 Jun 2017

Matariki - the star of the year.

From Standing Room Only, 1:10 pm on 4 June 2017
Dr. Rangi Matamua

Dr. Rangi Matamua Photo: supplied

Matariki - the star of the year.

Matariki - the star of the year. Photo: supplied

Recognition of Matariki is on the rise and along with it, a new appreciation of Māori astronomical knowledge.

Te Kōkau Himiona Te Pikikotuku of Ruatāhuna began to compile a 400-page manuscript on Maori Astronomy with his son Rāwiri in 1898 which Rāwiri Te Kōkau completed in 1933. On his deathbed, Rāwiri Te Kōkau handed this book to his grandson Timi Rāwiri, and in 1995 this book was then gifted to Timi's grandson Waikato University lecturer Dr. Rangi Matamua.

After years of studying this manuscript and research into Māori astronomy, Dr Rangi Matamua has brought this manuscript to life in his new book Matariki - the star of the year.

But major misunderstandings of what - and when - Matariki is are still common. Dr Rangi Matamua talks to Justin Gregory to try and clear some of these up.