18 Dec 2016

The rebirth of Dulcie Castree's Surfeit of Sunsets

From Standing Room Only, 1:44 pm on 18 December 2016

The words "self-published" covers a huge range of material these days - but sometimes a diamond pops out of the crowd. In the 1980s writer Dulcie Castree wrote a novel that came within a whisker of being published. But when the deal fell through, Dulcie was so hurt she did nothing more with the manuscript of A Surfeit of Sunsets. Fast-forward a few decades and her grandson Finn Johansson had a bound book made for Dulcie. The family later printed a limited run of 100 books, though Dulcie, who was in her 90s, didn't live long enough to see it. But the story took an unexpected turn when publisher Mary McCallum read the book, was blown away and handed it to her star editor Jane Parkin. Finn and Jane tell Lynn Freeman the story of A Surfeit of Sunsets and Dulcie Castree.