8 May 2016


From Standing Room Only, 2:45 pm on 8 May 2016
Hive Hums

Hive Hums Photo: supplied

Like it or not, we live in a global world where decisions made elsewhere directly affect our lives here. But a new exhibition in Auckland details the fight back by artists, people - and natural forces. The Hive Hums With Many Minds is a mixed-media event which opened its second stage this week in the monumental Silo Six venue at Winyard Quarter. Inside these vast cement silos, artists from across the country are employing videos, photos, sound and computer simulations to discuss infrastructure, interdependence and the busy hive that is our globalized world.

Support Structures - a photographic series by Tim Veling

"People at desks in Wellington, EQC, governments agencies overseeing the rebuild, dictated by pragmatics."

Simulations: flood - a large-scale billboard and video work by Reuben Moss

"City planning is an innately political notion."


Avail - a video work by Max Bellamy and Chris Miller 

"It looks at the way that people respond to living in a moment of great change."